Monday, July 26, 2010

priscillia july 2010 :)

mix max !

er ~ I feel like the centuries didn't open this blog ! ahhahaha
lagi feelin'so fawking bored aja sihh .. nothing to do .
i dont know what should i tell here .
too many stories , but a lot of annoying things that happened lately . so ~

okk ,
Let's start with ...hmm oknum B or S ? LOL
ok forget it, I'll not be told here .

I'll tell you a little about things that are annoying lately .

1. my new maid is an idiot and coquettish

2. Riyan's Gf hates me . oh mygodd . me and riyan ? we're bestfriend .that's all .
i never had a idea to take yourman madame . chhilllout .

etc ~ bah ~ hahaa


I just got a text message from ma cousin ,she said my aunt will give birth within a few hours away!
praying for ya! :)