Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morning post :)

This morning post i dedicate to Mr.T
hahahahha ! although i knoe yu never read this post .lol
You never know how much i love you , and with you im start to thinking bout my future :)
i wish you ware born for me :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

randomind !

Sometimes, it's good if you dont know bout he's /she's past .
many people judge someone from him/her past .
yeah i knoe ,this is so fcukin random ! lol

Thursday, January 27, 2011

GREAT 2011 !!

Soooo~ hahahhaa wassap ! hahaha
ok, i knoe I owe so much stories to you all .. andd , i'll share some stories here :))
hmm ~ so far ,,man i've a little lucky in this year (2011) !
i meet the fukin nice and sweet friends ~ i called 'em CCC ~ means ,'cami cuka coyote' LOL .
really i love 'em morethan you guys thinking about . hahahaha , i knoe 'em mybe just for a 5 or myb 6month .but i feel like a hundreds years ! hauahuah

And guess what ! hahaha
i meet ma' man :)
my perfect man :)
he's TEDDY HANDOKO ,but just call him arab ! hahaha
,thats his nickname :p

ahh , remeber the superb cute and sweet girl . my bestbestbest shopping ,gossiping and clubbing (ex club) partner ! yepp ~ she's FEBRINA ADIPUTRA

she just give birth, a babygirl .
the baby's name is : EVE FELICIA BUDIMAN
and yu guys should see her ,, SOOOOO CUTEEE REALLLYYY !!! HAHAH

Hmm ~ soo what else ? hahahha
really , tooo much story here ! and i really wanttt to write my story here buutt its toooo tooo tooo tooo much ! mberry mbeerry much ! hahaha

ahya !!
i've my own studio :)
say congrats to me :p :p :p

ah ! i'll share some pic here :)

i miss her so badly ! febrina adiputra :)


My only one :)

MY SUPERB FRIENDS :) ~ i called 'em CCC members ! hahaha