Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what a life

Being single is the best way you can enjoy ur life .
Drinking like a monster
Party like a rockstar
And muchmuch fun things outhere .

And now I'm thinking like ,mybe he's not for me .
We can't walking together if everysingleday we always like dis dis dis . :s

And fogodsake i still hate you and ur girls . Fak you .

I wish ,i can walking alone without you and without crying .iwish i can .

I wish you can respect me .

And i wish i can hate you i can forget you and i can kill you .

blah !

I'm so so so tirreedd of everylittlething .
So ,where's my cutter ? :s

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I love today !

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Smile like you're so fine .
Laughing like there's no more tears .
Kissing like he's d only one you can kiss .

And sleeping like tmrow is your best day ever !

Friday, September 9, 2011

More bigger !

Wat should i do ?
Cut my hand ? -done
Black out with friends ? - done
Crying every night ? - done
Lookin for another guy ? - ah done .

Wat should i do ?
Killing her ?
I will .hahahah

I'm just a normal girl , with a tinnyyy heart .
I'm not a mother theresa or some wonderwomen .
I just can't stand up and saying "oh I'm ok everyone ,i can handle this"

Sometime i wish i never knoe him .never meet him .

All i knoe is ,I'm so fukin mes-ap !

I've fight w/ almost all my friends ,just bcse i wanna get bek with him .
Just show me dat I'm right .

And yea , I'm still here . Next to you mbeb :')

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

how i hate them

Everysingle time i rmber bout him and all his girls thing .
I just wanna hurt my self .
I wish i can kill 'em .i really wish .

For you hey you bitch .
Just fuck your pussy ! Slut .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i feel grey !

I feel so grey , feel blue , even black mybe .
Much quez in my head like ,can i ? Should i ? This is real ? He's gone ? Seriouslly ? And muchmuchmuch more .
And i can't find the answ .
When i thinking bout my future , i see him .
Know i can't imgn bout my future , cos i scre i didn't see him .
I still love you ,verry verry fall for you .
Its like , you're sugar for my tea .
Without you ,my life is never sweet like this .
I miss you T :')

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

p.s : i love you :')

ok i've so much uneg2 here .
oke i'll start with my Bf . hahahahahhaha
sooo , jahahha
he's nice he's good he's smart he's lovely . i like him i love him .
but sometimes i just wanna kill him . just it . lol

*mendadak emosi*

i dont know how or what type of realitionship he want to use know , sometimes i just cant get wht he want .
ah ya , sapa sih yg suka di banding2in ?

he always say like "eh km klo masak kurang ini ini itu sana sini blablablablablabalbalbalbalablablabla blajar gih sama si **** "
oh man , im like hey FUCK YOU ! yu never knoe how im trying to cook this fukin shitt for you . i just wanna you say THANK YOU . dats all ass .
for sure i never cook for my ex before , for him i try to make him proud . but he never look from my side .

itu cuman one of my old probms sih .
and dy uda ga perna ngmgin masala itu lagi YA IYA LA , di empet . bleh --"

and one thing yg saya benci banget dari si dia ini , he always act like " oh iya emang aku yg salah . km ngga " FUCK YOU HONEY , stop it .
klo salah ya udah salah aja ga usa kaya gt deh .
people always judge me like " ihhh pris itu loh kasarr sama cowony , cowonya itu loh baikkk , sweet ngajak ke bali la jadian d bali lahhhh , pas valentine d kasin ring . omgg so sweet how lucky sih si slut itu . " - "ahh tau ga , si prisil itu clubingan , blablablabla "
and yeah yeah yeah like always . gue setan nya and teddy angel nya . ga kaget .

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD thanks too my superb girl MELYTA hahaha , she remind me thooo teddy's ex . called her hmmmmm tazmania . right mel ? LOL ok , joke . call her L .
i knw bout L ini benernya sih ya dari si teddy nya . sapa lagi .
lagi enak2 dinner and im talking bout PMS . laki gue si charming s angel si nice and alll good things dengan bangga nya ambil henponnya and show me something . yu knw wat ,yup L's blog bout them . nice . i just dont wanna read i just dont wanna know dontt wannna hurt . why yu do this . why .
have i show yu my pic with my ex ? yu wanna see ? oh honey i can show yu ALL my pics with my ex . and ma fukin boys . so fuck off .
back to topic , di blog nya si L ini she wirte bout HOW NICE NYA TEDDY how good how sweet how how how how housiang hausiang ~~~ lalala ~ hahaha
and ada pic nya mreka b2 :'(
idk wat yu want from me . or i should say "omgggg ur ex sooo pretty ! like yu said kaya bule loh " orrr like this "my babe ure so sweet with ur gf ? kog dy bisa cheating sih ?" or mybe "babe , sama aku kamu juga harus kaya gitu loh !"

really idk wat should i do .

he always talking bout marriage . something i just wonderring , do you really love me honey ?
or you just wanna show ur ex that you can life without her .

P.S : I love you


really reaaly really miss my granny :')
ure the best granny ever !
havefun there . we love you . verrryy much !

Sunday, March 6, 2011


i dont know what should i writteee or tell you here .
just missing my blogger .
anyway ,
remember bout my granny ? shes sick .
and still sick ..
can you guys help her ? simple , just pray for Her , please :)

anihooo ,hahah
today is our 2month anniiv . :p
with no celebrtn , no kiss , no hug , no holding hand , and pst pst ~ no makingout . LOLLLL
just with a lil bit mad with him .
whyyy always about
ohforGodsake ~ i think you've know me so well . we meet up every single day . but im wrong . i guess . you dont .
dissapointed .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


well, im gonna say , ' HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ' for all chinese in the world! hahaha

The most fuckedup chinese newyear is , yep ! this year !

Godbless ma' superb women please . yeah i called her superb granny:)

We love love love love love love you soo much granny ! really :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Morning post :)

This morning post i dedicate to Mr.T
hahahahha ! although i knoe yu never read this post .lol
You never know how much i love you , and with you im start to thinking bout my future :)
i wish you ware born for me :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

randomind !

Sometimes, it's good if you dont know bout he's /she's past .
many people judge someone from him/her past .
yeah i knoe ,this is so fcukin random ! lol

Thursday, January 27, 2011

GREAT 2011 !!

Soooo~ hahahhaa wassap ! hahaha
ok, i knoe I owe so much stories to you all .. andd , i'll share some stories here :))
hmm ~ so far ,,man i've a little lucky in this year (2011) !
i meet the fukin nice and sweet friends ~ i called 'em CCC ~ means ,'cami cuka coyote' LOL .
really i love 'em morethan you guys thinking about . hahahaha , i knoe 'em mybe just for a 5 or myb 6month .but i feel like a hundreds years ! hauahuah

And guess what ! hahaha
i meet ma' man :)
my perfect man :)
he's TEDDY HANDOKO ,but just call him arab ! hahaha
,thats his nickname :p

ahh , remeber the superb cute and sweet girl . my bestbestbest shopping ,gossiping and clubbing (ex club) partner ! yepp ~ she's FEBRINA ADIPUTRA

she just give birth, a babygirl .
the baby's name is : EVE FELICIA BUDIMAN
and yu guys should see her ,, SOOOOO CUTEEE REALLLYYY !!! HAHAH

Hmm ~ soo what else ? hahahha
really , tooo much story here ! and i really wanttt to write my story here buutt its toooo tooo tooo tooo much ! mberry mbeerry much ! hahaha

ahya !!
i've my own studio :)
say congrats to me :p :p :p

ah ! i'll share some pic here :)

i miss her so badly ! febrina adiputra :)


My only one :)

MY SUPERB FRIENDS :) ~ i called 'em CCC members ! hahaha