Friday, September 9, 2011

More bigger !

Wat should i do ?
Cut my hand ? -done
Black out with friends ? - done
Crying every night ? - done
Lookin for another guy ? - ah done .

Wat should i do ?
Killing her ?
I will .hahahah

I'm just a normal girl , with a tinnyyy heart .
I'm not a mother theresa or some wonderwomen .
I just can't stand up and saying "oh I'm ok everyone ,i can handle this"

Sometime i wish i never knoe him .never meet him .

All i knoe is ,I'm so fukin mes-ap !

I've fight w/ almost all my friends ,just bcse i wanna get bek with him .
Just show me dat I'm right .

And yea , I'm still here . Next to you mbeb :')

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